Construction & Industry

With drones to the perfect project offer and execution.


DMC presents you more than 8 years of experience in construction and industry. Combining this experience with drone flights, we can optimally contribute ideas to your projects. In all our assignements safety is our main priority.
Calculation & work preparation
· Clarity of the situation
· Correct work preparation

By using drones in the calculation phase we can clearly visualize the current situation and view it from a different perspective. Surprise your client and/or licensing authorities by giving them just that little bit extra and showing them an even better insight on the situation compared to that one of your competitors. Our employees have years of experience in calculation and preparation. They can offer the perfect support, and think along on the technical side of the story, to distinguish your project from the competition.
Follow-up sites
· Cost reduction
· Efficiency

Use drone images to ensure continuous follow-up and mapping of the current situation. Share updates within your team and with your client. Be able to adjust quickly when needed.
Do you wish to visualize your project nicely in order to use it for your portfolio? DMC can provide you with images of your projects that you can use in your communication and marketing.


DMC is the drone-partner you are looking for in all your challenges. Our main focuses are safety, efficiency and quality. This way we deliver you the best result possible. A close cooperation with several professional partners makes it easy to tackle any challenge you throw at us.