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Artificial Intelligence

Together with Data factory, DMC offers AI drone resolutions fully measured to your needs. We provide customized AI applications to limit all costs and risks. These solutions can be developed on a project base or on a SLA (service level agreement) base.
Drones can execute human work in a safer and more efficient way. Combining it with artificial intelligence, opens up a new world full of possibilities. No challenge or problem is too big or too crazy.
Artificial intelligence is a concept where work that requires human intelligence will be performed by a computer. AI can be split into 2 versions:

Narrow variant: f.e. search engines, spam filters, robot vacuum cleaners or lawn mowers. This version has undergone rapid development and is now used for face and voice recognition, signaling patterns and conducting research as well.

General variant: This is an intelligence that can exist independently of humans. It sounds like something for the distant future, but even this version of AI is becoming more and more common. For example: Recognizing patterns.
Computers are perfect for processing large amounts of date. And they can learn from their own mistakes. AI ensures that data can be interpreted. By analyzing quantities of information in real time, it is possible to estimate priorities and needs. This enables rapid and accurate decisions. Predictions can be made or new algorithms can be developed to handle this data even more efficiently.
If you have a project executed or you wish to use existing AI applications, we can assist you with drone pilots and data engineers so that you can fully focus on your own targets.
Do you have a problem or a challenge we can help you with? You see a possibility to fly with drones and process data, but you have no idea how drones work or how this data needs to be processed? DMC is the trusted partner to develop your ideas further on.

Through structured project approach

  • Kick-off: Objectives are discussed and mapped out
  • Project development / work preparation: Our engineers ensure that the objectives are linked to the desired end result.
  • Implementation & testing phase: The project is implemented and tested extensively.
  • Completion: In the final phase the project is delivered and if desired transferred to the end users. Training is provided so that the end users can continue to work independently and optimally. If desired, detailed solutions can be implemented by us.


DMC is the drone-partner you are looking for in all your challenges. Our main focuses are safety, efficiency and quality. This way we deliver you the best result possible. A close cooperation with several professional partners makes it easy to tackle any challenge you throw at us.